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Cranberry & Pistachio Yoghurt

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A healthy snack reimagined in all it's goodness. Our Chocolate Generations Pistachio and Cranberry Artisan Block features coconut delights with roasted pistachios and cranberries on a smooth yoghurt base. As well as being visually stunning, this block also tastes irresistable. Made with natural ingredients, high quality protein and no added sugar. Our South Australian locally made handcrafted Chocolate Generation Artisan Blocks are not only a sweet delight but also a healthier and gluten free option to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Note: May contain dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and sulphites.

Additional information

Yoghurt compound (whey powder. vegetable fat, yoghurt powder (12%), milk solids, emulsifier (476)) roasted pistachios 12%, cranberry crumb 12% (dried cranberries, sugar, glucose, full cream milk powder, corn starch, natural flavour, natural colour (EI20ii).

Product speciality

Artisan blocks
Gluten free
South Australian made